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If you would rather just donate to a great cause, we would love to talk.  Our non-profit 501 c-3 organization Sho-me Sports works with and for kids.  We host youth sporting events, work with teams, and individual athletes, and provide outlets and camps for teams, athletes and coaches to work together for a common goal of high quality competition in quality venues with the possibilty of recognition and college exposure. 

We help the individual student athlete work hard on and off the court, towards developing and showcasing his or her athletic skills, and encourage and mentor excellence in academics.  We help the student athlete know the details needed to qualify to earn college scholarships through both academic and athletic success.


We spend an average of $12,000.00 in gym fees alone each season, not to mention the many other expenses, but have helped thousands of athetes in the process. This brings hundreds of Athletes and their families to the Ozarks each season to play.

Please feel free to visit our websites below to see our organization in action.


Sponsor Packages

If you would like to become involved with Sleds Midwest, to be part of our Advertising Campaign, Promotional Materials, and website, or just sponsor an Award, Entertainment, ect....we would love to talk with you!



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