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Dale Douty


 Dale Douty born and raised in the small town of Butler, MO.  He graduated high school and went straight into the service in 1971.   Dale did 1 year in Vietnam and 1 year in California, and then he came back home and worked on cars.

   He has worked on and built cars all his life. He took a short break from building hot rods to start Dirt Track racing from 1974 to late 90's, but he got back into building old school hot rods/rat rods shortly after, and has building ever since.

"You could say it's what I'm most compassionate about" says Douty, and it shows in his ingenuity and ability to  design and make a cool ride out of darn near anything! He has amazed us with his talents and love of sharing.

He is yet another Great Car guy that we are luck enough to have at Sleds Midwest Car Event each year.



Dale's Custom Builds
More of Dale's Custom Cars
Two of Dale's Custom Rat Rods that usually at Sleds Midwest
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