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Craig A Fawcett was born June 11, 1965, and was nicknamed Digger at age 4 by his Uncle Randy. Most know him
as Dig, hence the name Digs Rod Shop. Craig absorbed all the welding and metal classes he could in high school.
Craig started building classic cars and trucks in the 80’s.
In 1982 Craig enlisted in to the Unites States Navy and went to school to become an Aviation Metal Smith, where he
worked on the fuselage of aircrafts, mostly helicopters. After the navy Craig went to work for a local sheet metal
contractor. While working full time, Craig enrolled in night school for 4 years receiving a journeyman certification in
sheet metal fabrication, while raising a family with his wife Teri.
From the early 80’s to current times Dig’s has built 100’s of cars, trucks & motorcycles. In 2014 Craig started Digs
Rod Shop as a full-time auto restoration shop, in Oskaloosa Iowa. Craig and his partner Alan, who is his son, along
with a talented crew restore and build vintage automobiles. Over the years Dig’s Rod Shop has received some
amazing awards and recognition for custom built automobiles.
Dig’s most recent awards include Iron Builder of the year finalist from Good Guys for a 1952 Chevrolet 3100 pickup
truck in Nashville Tennessee. Digs also received a top 10 award from Goodguys Heartland Nationals for a 1947
Chevrolet 3100 pickup truck in Des Moines Iowa.
Dig’s Rod shop was blessed to have their custom build of a 1952 Chevrolet 3100 pickup truck cross the Barret
Jackson auction block in January of 2024. This was a goal for not only Craig & Alan but the whole team.
It has been a dream come true creating a business with his son Alan that focuses on vintage automobiles. God is
good and to him be all the Glory, without him none of this is possible.

We just recently met Craig "Dig" Fawcett, and he instantly fit right in with the Sleds Midwest groupies!  He is a car guy with car guy stories and like our other builders, he is always available at the show for questions, and or help if needed and one of the nicest, funniest guys you will meet.


Ted Burleson and Craig Fawcett

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