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 Gary Mundy


 Gary Mundy - Independence Kansas    

  Gary got out of the Air Force in 62' interested and started building motorcycles until 1966,  then he built a 40 ford with olds engine -the first of his numerous kustoms he has built to date.  The next car he built was in 1968 was a 32 Roadster.  He built the 32 in a dirt floor garage, that at night you could count the starts from inside the garage due to the quality construction of the roof!

   After the 32 that was built in that fine shop, he started on a 48 Plymouth coupe....about that time he heard that guys in California were sub framing cars, and he knew that was something he could do, so once the sub framed Plymouth was completed, Gary and his wonderful wife Getta were on the road every weekend to a car show or car run some where!

   39 Kustom cars built by him, for him, and 25 plus floor pans for friends and others that he has helped. 

 We don't know how he has escaped fame and fortune, with the talent and tenacity he has had over    the years, coming out each year with a new unique kustom. He is very deserving of recognition and as far as we are concerned it is over due! Mid-westerners know to look for Gary's new ride each season.  The best part is they are all drivers.  The ride he has come up with on his cars are second to none.  He has perfected the floor pan ....we know, as we personally have had the pleasure of owning 3 Mundy Kustoms, and they all drove (floated) like a dream.  

   If you don't already know Gary, stop by, check out his car (cars) and talk shop.  He is one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. 

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